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Welcome to COOLKIDZ Europe
Every deepfreeze should have a COOLKIDZ cold pack!

COOLKIDZ cold packs are the most innovative, child-friendly cold packs on the market.
They are developed by doctors, promote natural recovery and ease pain.
Cold packs are always reusable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and completely safe to use.

COOLKIDZ cold packs in a nutshell
-        always flexible, even frozen!
-        eases the pain of bruising, scrapes and grazes, insect bites, stings and pricks, headache, fever, vaccinations, etc.
-        always reusable
-        "cool" designs
-        non-toxic, free from PVC, latex and other allergens
-        cute, kids just love them!
-        soothes all the tears away
-        developed by doctors

Use them for
- fever
- swelling, bruises, scrapes and grazes,
- insect bites or stings
- headache
- vaccinations
- black eye, sports injuries, etc.
- just to play with them on warm summer days
- in other words ¬– always a must, for young and old

COOLKIDZ cold packs are not suitable for:
- human consumption
- microwaves or ovens
- washing machines

10 x 10 cm and +- 1-1.5 cm thickness.
They weigh from 85–120 g depending on the design.

COOLKIDZ cold packs contain propylene glycol, a non-toxic gel.
They do not contain PVC, latex or other allergens.
Most other products contain ethylene glycol, which is highly toxic.